Hayley Pneu-Saver

Commercially proven new to market technology

Reduce your compressed air consumption by a minimum of 45%*.

Air compressor electricity consumption represents a significant cost within any manufacturing business. It makes good business sense to seek avenues to reduce these costs, making your business more efficient and ultimately more competitive.

  • Lower your operating costs
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Payback period within months

How does it work?

  • The Hayley Pneu-saver has the ability to connect any number of existing double acting pneumatic cylinders with no loss of overall performance. All savings are verified using state of the art electronic air flow meters, providing a transparent ‘before and after’ compressed air consumption data.

  • The device captures and recycles compressed air from the non-working stroke of the cylinder that would normally be exhausted to the atmosphere.

  • Any number of cylinders on one machine can be connected to a Hayley Pneu-saver, only the receiver size changes.

  • The air is stored in the air receiver and controlled by the Hayley Pneu-saver to return to the cylinder at a lower working pressure to its rest position.

Mark Edwards, fluid power technical office manager
explains how the technology works.

Next steps

Join a host of leading manufacturing businesses experiencing the real-world cost-savings for themselves by calling one our team for a no-obligation consultation today.

*Based upon typical consumption data. Results may vary dependent on application and system design.

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