Energy Saving


At Hayley Fluid Power we strive to go much further than component supply, differentiating ourselves through in-house technological innovations. New to market technology, exclusive to Hayley Fluid Power that can be employed within your business. Enabling our customers to achieve significant cost savings, operational gains and reduce their impact upon the environment.

Our technology has been developed to integrate with existing systems and technology, achieving almost plug and go capability. Due to the performance of our devices and technology, you can achieve payback periods within months. Making it extremely easy to build a significant business case for incorporating our technology into your operations.

Join a host of leading manufacturing businesses experiencing real-world cost-savings for themselves by undertaking a free no-obligation consultation with one of our technical experts.


Commercially proven new to market technology that will reduce your compressed air consumption by a minimum of 45%*.

Air compressor electricity consumption represents a significant cost within any manufacturing business. It makes good business sense to seek avenues to reduce these costs, making your business more efficient and ultimately more competitive. The Hayley Pneu-saver has the ability to connect any number of existing acting pneumatic cylinders with no loss of overall performance. All savings are verified using state of the art electronic air flow meters, providing a transparent ‘before and after’ compressed air consumption data.

Hayley Pneu-Saver


New to market technology that promises a significant breakthrough in reducing costs associated with compressed air by recapturing a minimum 60%* of your compressed air exhaust.

This revolutionary new technology means compressed air traditionally exhausted to the atmosphere can now be reused, without loss of system performance. The unique and patent-pending Hayley Pump-saver reclaims exhausting air form the exhaust port of air operated diaphragm pumps without causing back pressure, which would have a detrimental effect on the performance of the pump.

Hayley Pump-Saver

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